Victorian Home Renovation

People who decide to restore a Victorian era or Craftsman home, or to build one in one of these classic styles, are people who desire a home that is far from the ordinary. As such, you need a contractor who understands this desire for something distinct and timeless. With our experience, we can provide you with the home you desire.

Victorian homes reflect a historic era that displayed angled windows, wrap around porches, towers, spindles, clean lines, columns and flat roof lines showing off wealth and class. These homes are easily recognizable. They display style, and have striking colors in violet, blue, green and pink.  A Victorian or Queen Ann home blends several colors to create a look that was completely unique to its era.

Victorian Home Renovation

Craftsman homes are a purely American style and some say it was in response to the Victorian era homes, focusing on strong simple lines, subtlety and comfort. Craftsman relies on deep porches, arched openings, wide eaves and shingle siding in a bungalow style home that convey comfort and beauty.

We go to great lengths to reuse original material, as well as historically accurate alternative materials, designed to not only save you money, but create the historic look and feel you want.

When restoring one of these treasured homes to their former glory, our experience in these historic styles will ensure we use the right techniques and materials. If you are building a new home in the Victorian or Craftsman style, we will ensure that despite being a new home, it will convey all of the warmth, character and elegance these historical homes are renowned for.

Whether restored or constructed, we will place you into the home you desire, with all of the character and elegance these unique styles convey. Modern materials, historic styles and timeless expertise will all come together to create or restore the house of your dreams.