Your Project: The Process

Working with Brad T Jones Construction

The Initial Meeting

Every journey has a starting point, and this is where yours will begin with us. You can show us the spaces to be remodeled and describe to us what you have in mind. We will bring along some examples of our work we have completed for other clients, we will go over our references, license and insurance and get to know each other a bit.

Budgets and Solutions

Depending on the complexity of your remodel, it may be important to schedule a follow-up meeting after researching material costs and information gathering to complete an accurate budget. With smaller projects, we usually present you with an estimate within 24 hours of our initial meeting.

Responsibilities and Agreements

Once we have an acceptable budget established an agreement can be signed and a deposit will be collected. You will be provided with the tools needed to make your selections of materials and/or products going into your project. This may include product tear sheets, website addresses and names and addresses of showrooms to visit. For example for tile selections we provide you with a “Tile Selection List” which lists every piece of tile available within your budget for your project, We include our grout selection kit to take with your to the tile showroom and any other items you might find useful in helping you make the selection process easy and hassle free.


Before the actual start of your project we will be organizing and gathering all products, materials and permits that will be required. Our objective is to have absolutely everything in order before construction begins, so that once it does, everything proceeds smoothly and without delays. We don’t mind taking a little extra time to ensure we get it right the first time.  We spend a lot of time pre-planning your project before it ever even starts. Making sure everything is in place before we begin ensures your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget

Construction Begins!

Demolition takes place, out with the old and in with the new.  Your remodel begins to transform from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan. We have high standards, and believe in aiming high and always trying to exceed your expectations. Each day begins on time and you won’t find us jumping back and forth every few days between your job and someone else’s, once we start your project we want to be there until it is done.  Not only will you see real progress, but this helps minimizes the time you are forced to live in a dusty construction site. Since I am on your job everyday when you have questions you simply talk directly to me, nothing gets lost in translation.

Completed Construction

Your project is done! Everything has been installed and checked to make sure it is working properly. We do a final cleaning of the area, removing dust and dirt and leave your home ready to use. Now is the time you will do your final walk-through and inspection. Only when you are completely satisfied the project is complete.

Project is Finished!

Our final meeting, the only thing left to do is thank you for using our services and fill out your warranty and take care of any final payments.